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This Month's Resources

Worship is more than a song we sing at church on Sundays. Worshipping God should be a natural extension of everything we do whether we’re in church, serving, praying, at work, or at home. How can you develop a lifestyle of worship in your own life?


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Moody Radio Resources

Use these helpful resources from Moody Radio's weekly themes and share them freely with others. Look to Moody Radio for daily encouragement.



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Faith Over Fear Banner

Mar. 2020 (part 1)

Faith Over Fear

During times of change, challenges, and uncertainty we can turn to our sovereign Lord and King to help overcome; Faith over Fear. Below are a few resources for you to equip you to share with your family, friends, and congregation.

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Our Confident Hope Banner

Mar. 2020 (part 2)

Our Confident Hope

During times of change, challenges, and uncertainty we can turn to our sovereign Lord and King to help you have A Confident Hope during all you are going through!



Breakthrough Resource Banner

Apr. 2020


During times of change, challenges, and uncertainty we can turn to our sovereign Lord and King to help you have a breakthrough all you are enduring!

View Breakthrough Resources

A New Thing Resource Banner

May 2020

A New Thing

During times of change, challenges, and uncertainty we can grow in new ways with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. Check out these helpful resources to help you grow in different areas of your Christian walk during these times! 

View Breakthrough Resources


Be a Bridge Resource Banner

June 2020

Be A Bridge

With the protests and unrest, we have seen during this time in our world Moody Radio would like to suggest resources that can help you, your church, and your community Be A Bridge.

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Good Neighbor Resource Banner

July 2020

Good Neighbor

Celebrate the Good Neighbors in your life by sharing these free resources. Help others live out their faith and take the next step in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

View Good Neighbor Resources


A New Normal Resource Banner

Aug. 2020

A New Normal

The coronavirus has changed the look and feel of cities, schools, businesses and churches across America. Though we are all eager to get back to our everyday lives, the virus has had an impact on the norms of our daily lives. How can we help you adapt to this new normal?

View A New Normal Resources

"God's Calling... Are You Listening?" Resource Banner

Sep. 2020

God's Calling

We hope you find these resources helpful as you seek to hear God’s call in your life and how he may be speaking to you through circumstances and people.

View God's Calling Resources


"Keep Calm. God Is In Control." Resource Banner

Oct. 2020

Keep Calm. God is in Control.

How do we remain calm when it feels like the world is spinning out of control? We hold tight to the promises of God that He will never leave us or forsake us. Let us stand firm in Him!

View Keep Calm Resources

Thankfulness Resource Banner

Nov. 2020


Oftentimes, it is difficult to have an attitude of gratitude when things in our life don’t go the way we planned. We have to train ourselves to look through the lens of gratitude rather than disappointment. We have much to be grateful for in Christ!

View Thankfulness Resources


Silver Linings Resource Banner

Dec. 2020 (part 1)

Silver Linings

They say that every ‘cloud has a silver lining’ which is a sign of hope in an otherwise gloomy situation. Though this past year has seen its share of challenges, let’s pause to reflect on the wonder of Christ’s birth and the hope his arrival brought to our world.

View Silver Linings Resources

Hindsight is 2020 Resource Banner

Dec. 2020 (part 2)

Hindsight is 2020

As you pause to look back on 2020, what have you learned? What would you have done differently? Take time to look back so you can look forward with intentionality and vision for what God might have in store for the coming year.

View Hindsight is 2020 Resources


From the Word to Life Resource Banner

Jan. 2021

From the Word to Life

We all want to be intentional with our spiritual life and a new year provides an opportunity to do just. Plan today to deepen your understanding of God’s Word and by doing so, you will grow and bear much fruit in your life.

View From the Word to Life Resources

Love Better Resource Banner

Feb. 2021

Love Better

If you're looking to love your friends and family better, take an honest look at how you're doing that today. Then discover more ways to have deeper, happier, and healthier relationships with those you love.

View Love Better Resources


Winning the Screen Wars Resource Banner

Mar. 2021

Winning the Screen Wars

Is your life overrun by screens? If you're trying to navigate through this increasingly digital age, then take steps today to learn ways that will help you make positive changes for yourself and your kids. Check out the resources below and enter to win a prize package with even more great content!

View Winning the screen wars Resources

Wise Words to Live By Resource Banner

Apr. 2021

Wise Words to Live By

We live in an age of information but oftentimes, are starving for knowledge. There are hundreds of good books, articles, and quotes with excellent ideas to live by but what is true wisdom, and how you can obtain more of it? Join Moody Radio as we seek to get a clear picture of wisdom through our collective reading of the book of Proverbs, a blueprint for how to build a life according to God's wisdom.

View Wise Words to Live by Resources


Life After Loss Resource Banner

May 2021

Life After Loss

Coping with loss is one of life’s greatest difficulties but it can also bring transformative growth to our lives. Loss can come in various forms such as the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, a prodigal child, or even our pre-pandemic lives. 

View Life AFter Loss Resources

Tough Talks Resource Banner

Jun. 2021

Tough Talks

Whether it’s in your own family, in the workplace or with a friend, tough conversations can be uncomfortable. Most often, we would rather avoid having a difficult conversation when it comes to sensitive issues like...

View Tough Talks Resources

On the Road Again Resource Banner

July 2021

On the Road Again

Hitting the road for a vacation with your family this summer? Your bucket list might include a road trip in the family car or doing a staycation in your own town but whatever you’ve got planned, remember to take Moody Radio Resources with you.

View On the Road Again Resources

A Life of Learning Resource Banner

Aug. 2021

A Life of Learning

At age 87, Michelangelo, the famous Italian sculptor said, “ I’m still learning!”  No matter your age or season of life, there’s always something more to learn and skills to gain! During this Back-to-School season, Moody Radio is encouraging you to explore how God may be nudging you to learn something new or take your study to a new level.

View A Life of Learning Resources


Broken Faith Resource Banner

September 2021

Broken Faith

At some point in your life, your faith was strong. You were eager to learn about God and read your Bible. But somewhere along the way, circumstances in your life have led you to not trust God, the church or even fellow believers. If your faith has gotten off track, Moody Radio understands and is here for you. Take steps this month to restore your faith as together we unpack the theme ‘Broken Faith.’

View Broken Faith Resources

Habits for Growth Resource Banner

October 2021

Habits for Growth

For trees to reach full growth, it depends on several variables and many years to reach full maturity. In the same way, personal and spiritual growth doesn’t happen overnight so it’s important to make sure you have the right habits to reach the desired outcome.

Habits for Growth Resources


"Roots of Our Faith" Resource Banner

Nov. 2021

Roots of Our Faith

Why do Christians believe what they believe? In today’s cultural climate, it’s critical that Christians know where their beliefs come from and the foundations of their faith.

View Roots of Our Faith Resources

"A Life of Worship" Resource Banner

Dec. 2021

A Life of Worship

Worship is more than a song we sing at church on Sundays. Worshipping God should be a natural extension of everything we do whether we’re in church, serving, praying, at work, or at home. How can you develop a lifestyle of worship in your own life?

View A Life of Worship Resources


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Ways to Pray

“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”—Deuteronomy 31:8

  • Pray for all who are sick, that they will receive timely care and healing from the Great Physician.
  • Pray for medical workers, caregivers, emergency relief teams, and government leaders.
  • Pray for peace to those who are living with uncertainty, for those in quarantine, for those in recovery.
  • Pray for God’s comfort as a healing balm to fear and despair.
  • Pray for those suffering from depression and anxiety.
  • Pray for pastors and churches to model hope and help during the recovery.
  • Pray for Christians to point others to Christ during the crisis.

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